The Deathtrip – Deep Drone Master Review

deathtrip deep drone masterThe Deathtrip is a somewhat new project featuring former Dødheimsgard vocalist Aldrahan. Although forming in 2007 and putting out a few demos, Deep Drone Master is their first offering and it’s a fairly powerful piece, sounding marvellously grim and dark whilst also having an overall ‘fresh’ quality to it.

Indeed, the vocals are certainly one of the highlights of the piece, with tracks such as Dynamic Underworld and A Foot In Each Hell giving Aldrahan time to shine as he sings, bellows, chants and yells – it’s certainly a unique approach to take and yet it utterly works, fitting the music absolutely perfectly rather than just featuring the standard ‘cut copy paste’ growls that are the staple of black metal acts these days.

Honestly, it’s difficult to find much to fault with this piece, as the guitars courtesy of Host are most excellent and they’re the main driving force behind the music. They just sound utterly relentless and add just the right amount of melody to the music, with some of them really worming their way into your head – this is surely testament to some good songwriting. Indeed, when things come to a close with Syndebukken you can’t help but feel wholly satisfied about how great of a listen the album has really been.

Deep Drone Master is a bleak and dark album that magnificently encapsulates the essence of The Deathtrip in just over 40 minutes – it’s going to be hard for them to top this.


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