The Dead XIII – Creatures Of The Night Review

The Dead XIII Creatures Of The NightCreatures Of The Night is the debut offering from the horror metal outfit The Dead XIII and to say you can hear the influences from bands and artists such as Wednesday 13 and Misfits is somewhat of an understatement because it sounds like The Dead XIII aren’t quite sure of their own sound and are just emulating other musicians within the genre, which is quite disappointing.

It’s not a bad EP, as such, with the powerful aggressive vocals coming across particularly well in closer Army Of The Dead, and Stage Fright has some downright funky riffs along with a fantastic guitar solo, but there’s nothing about the four tracks that has that special something to stand out from the crowd. It’s just a sad truth that Creatures Of The Night is not all that exciting and it’s already been done before, with better results.

There’s no shame in taking influences from other bands and you’d be hard pressed to find a band that doesn’t draw influences from nobody, but when it sounds like you’re trying to emulate an artist’s sound rather than find your own, it can be a bit much. However, it is only their first EP, and the only way is up from here!


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