Interview with The Dead Formats

Having seen The Dead Formats last month support one of our newest favourite bands Outcry Collective down at Cardiff Barfly, we got the chance to throw some questions at them after their brief UK tour with Lostprophets!

Last month you went off on a 3 day stint with Lostprophets. Playing with such a known UK act, there was obviously a big crowd to win over, how did you prepare yourselves to win them over?

We saw it as a massive opportunity to introduce our music to people that haven’t heard it before. We’re just gonna play the way we always do!! Hopefully the music speaks volumes!

What’s your dream line up?

The Clash
The Small Faces 
The Jam
Dr FeelGood
The Specials
And Don Letts Djing in between!

At the beginnings of the band, what made you go with two singers, did the two of you just flow?
And from that, how did you go about getting noticed outside you local music scene?

The two singer thing just worked! Having punk sounding vocals and soulful sounding vocals just seemed to cater for the bands needs! We got offered a few London shows and from that we managed to get noticed.

What was your favourite song to write off your recent mini-album (EP)?

Step it up! As it has a completely different feel to the rest of the songs on the record. I’d say that was the most exciting one to write! 

Lastly, are you worried about being another quick fix band for the kids off the Lostprophets tour, because your rise is happening so fast and you’ve only been around since 2008, What do you plan to do to stay around?

No not at all! We’re an honest band and will always go out to write songs that stay true to things that we have experienced in our lives! All our major influences have written songs from the heart and through that energy, their songs are still around today! So we’re gonna try and go around things in same way!

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