The Dead-End Alley Band – Odd Stories Review

The Dead End valley Odd StoriesOdd Stories is the second album from Peruvian psychedelic rockers The Dead-End Alley Band and it’s a rather intriguing listen, with some good and bad elements to it.

It’s a rather unique offering and you can tell that the band isn’t afraid to take risks and try new things, especially with tracks such as Lost Again, which features some rather different instrumentation approaches, and closer Look Away & Fake (A Green Breeze’s Odd Story) is a somewhat doomy track that has quite a gloomy slow-pace to it and is backed up rather well with some great half-yelled, half-sang vocals.

However at times it just all feels a little dreary and like The Dead-End Alley Band aren’t quite sure where they’re going. Occasionally it feels like the songs have no real direction to them and they’re a little difficult to follow as a result, so it is a bit of a struggle to stay focused on the music at times, which is disappointing because it does feel like the band is capable of better.

Overall, Odd Stories is an alright album. It doesn’t quite have the makings of a great album, but the foundations are there for the band to go far.


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