The Cheek Of Her – Black Heart Mantra Review

cheek of her black heart mantraFrom London, UK, comes the raw and honest music of the talented artist The Cheek of Her (Helen Dooley). With the release of her new cinematic sounding EP Black Heart Mantra, Helen is looking to turn some heads by offering her deepest and most personal thoughts in some fresh new music.

Currently promoting the single 9 Lives, Helen Dooley is aiming for all the bleeding heart listeners that dot the map. With lyrics involving some deep reflection on a passing relationship and the heavy emotions that have to be carried with such heavy loss, there is also a sense of understanding and hope weaved into this anthem-like track. As far as singles go, this was a great choice as I think many listeners will resonate with the message and the strong movie-like sound of the track itself.

The Future Is Purple reminds me of something you might hear from a band you might have heard of called Paramore, minus the heavy guitars and rock style drums. Instead this track stays within the alternative realm and focuses more on the poetic message found within the song. Not as single-worthy as 9 Lives, this song will still find its audience and gain The Cheek of Her some more fans.

The track Black Heart Mantra is my favorite on the inspired EP. It is a dark song with many layers of emotion placed within it. The piano is haunting, and the vocals are equally unnerving with their intended emotional punch. There feels to be some Melissa Auf Der Maur influences within this particular track, which is a compliment.

All in all, Black Heart Mantra is going to be a very genre specific album, focusing on connecting with the ones wounded on the battlefields of love, there is a large audience waiting indeed. I can’t help but feel that this is more of a girl-power album than something most men will dig their teeth into, but on this the jury is still out. If you are looking for something both interesting and honest, then give Black Heart Mantra a listen.


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