The Boston Boys – Keep You Satisfied EP Review

Keep You Satisfied, immediately awakens your soul, as this EP has some of every genre it seems. From jazz to rock and pop along with some blues. While awakening your soul, the Boston Boys makes it a personal goal to engage audiences and fans from across the globe. They like their genre to be called “future roots.” As this type of music has tons of different melodies while having a traditional, basic, folk tune vibe.

This EP has several amazing heart throbbing tracks. The introduction to the song Amelia has a sophisticated, elegant, vibe to it. While having you intrigued for more, the song goes on and describes a boy living in the city wanting to be with this girl Amelia. How he longs for her and always wants her. The song’s melodies carry beautifully well with the lyrics. Making you feel from the boy’s perspective for the gorgeous Amelia.

Satisfied has a Woodstock, indie feel to it. This song takes you on a journey to a man who can only be satisfied by this one and only woman. No matter where he’s at or what he does, whenever he sees this lady he gets a rush of excitement, pleasure, and satisfaction. No other person can make him feel that way.

Through the beautifully written songs and melodies The Boston Boys have a talent that can be recognized from miles away. Their new EP Keep You Satisfied proves it.


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