The Black Queen – Fever Daydream Review

the black queen fever daydreamDrenched in melancholy, this first album from The Black Queen is saturated by its own crude ambition. Dripping in Eighties nostalgia Fever Daydream features some heavy reverb swimming in a sea of divine FM synthesis,  tuning into the days of our lives with crispy production and the type of serenade that only Trent D’arby could of once hoped to achieve. And yet the production for such an affectionate sound is so cold and airy, effectively implying that rigor mortis has definitely set into the sounds of the Eighties. Strangely the undead sound is seductive and wanton where Goths’ might just find the maudlin comforting.

Ghosts in the machine The Black Queen call on a myriad of yesterdays’ popular influences to create a haunting, and quite frankly, breathtaking record. Completing the atavistic style in an embrace that is sincerely driven, and where the passion apparent in the vocals speaks with elegant allure. The unbridled sexiness ruminating from the vocals is something lost in this day of dick pics and frequent full-moons. However it’s captured on Fever Daydream like a wood nymph on Polaroid.

Fever Daydream moves with a cinematic delivery creating a pensive environment that is both awkward and cute.  It’s sweet homage to electronica is brazen, as it’s familiar, but The Black Queen conduct it with such appeal that their propensity for sounding used works in their favour.  It’s really interesting how they’ve appropriated their influences and made their own sound sound so contemporary without compromise.


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  1. Absolutly great release … Cant wait to have it at last in my Hand. I hope they will ge the right attention and will be supported

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