The Agonist – Eye Of Providence Review

The Agonist Eye Of ProvidenceEye Of Providence is the brand new album from Canadian metal band The Agonist and shows them reaching a new high with this release. It just has that special spark that the three albums lacked and it really stands apart from the crowd.

One of the first things that really strikes you about the release is the vocals courtesy of Vicky; there’s a great amount of power behind her harsh vocals and her clean vocals are smooth and controlled, which shows the perfect balance between the two. Additionally, the instrumentation is absolutely top-notch, showing an unquestionable togetherness and tightness whilst also giving each band member a chance to shine, which is great to witness.

In particular, Faceless Messenger is one of the absolute standout tracks of the album. Starting with chugging guitars that have just the right of melody to them, it grabs your interest and the sheer amount of energy behind the track is magnificent. However, the song really grabs you when Vicky joins in with a jaw-dropping vocal performance, effortlessly switching between clean and harsh vocals as if it’s child’s play, and you can really hear the emotion dripping out of her voice, which is truly something to behold. If you’re just going to check out one track from the album, make sure it’s this one – this is not a song to be missed.

At thirteen tracks, it could be argued that Eye Of Providence is a little on the lengthy side, but quite honestly there isn’t a single song that sounds out of place or like it shouldn’t belong. The Agonist have truly outdone themselves with Eye Of Providence and this is easily their best release to date. Make sure you pick up a copy on release date!


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