The Parasite Syndicate – The Parasite Syndicate Review

the parasite syndicateThe self-titled debut album from The Parasite Syndicate is a powerful slab of in-your-face metal that grabs your attention from the opening riffs, and holds it for the rest of it’s duration with catchy melodic lines and some serious hooks – not bad, eh?

This is definitely an album you can bang your head along to, and I have a feeling that The Parasite Syndicate would absolutely annihilate in a live environment as the energy and momentum jam-packed into this studio album is something to behold in itself. The powerful drums coupled with the wall of bass and guitars make for a winning combination, and the more melodic lines juxtapose against the noiser sections well. In particular, when the clean vocals are utilised, they help the song to leave a stronger impression on you, especially since for the most part they’re delivering some great earworms that will be rattling round your head for days after you’re done listening.

The fast-paced opening track Breathe You In sets the scene well for things to come as the album progresses, and later track Origin, which has a definite epic vibe to it thanks to the soaring synths, is another strong inclusion. Meanwhile, penultimate track Animus, which is perhaps the most melodic track on the album thanks to the clean vocal performance throughout and the ambient first half, shows that the band can also write more emotive and gentler approaches to a high standard as well.

All in all, The Parasite Syndicate are onto a winning formula with this one. Don’t let this album pass you by, and make sure you stick it on at top volume!


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