The One Hundred – Clwb Ifor Bach, 5/05/17

IMG_3556We find ourselves once again back in the heart of Cardiff at Clwb Ifor Bach. Tonight sees The One Hundred out on tour in support of their upcoming album ‘Chaos & Bliss’.

Doors barely feel like they’ve opened and already ready to open up are Cardiff trio Nightlives, who fuse electronic and hard rock together. Despite the small number through the doors early they play admirably and for a new band it’s already sounding pretty tight.

On swiftly next are true talkers MassMatiks (which, if you’re slightly tipsy could be mistaken for asthmatics). They describe themselves as in-your-face and it doesn’t take long to see why. Hard hitting tunes merge well with the spoken word lyrics from explosive singer George.
The set goes down a serious path as George opens their song 4am with spoken word alone, which creates silence around the venue. It’s beautifully poetic and incredibly honest and relevant in times like these. Their current social themes feel heartly. A sleek set by these lively misfits.

With the venue to a more tasty capacity The One Hundred don’t hesitate to get things moving. Of the many, many bands I’ve seen in downstairs Clwb this is a first I’ve seen a band improvise with their stage setup. They completely do away with any monitors on the floor, which does away with the ‘barrier’ frame of mind making the night up close and personal. None on the band hesitate to look the front row in the eye and induce dancing.

Their mixed styles may not be for everyone as they merge rapcore, screaming, heavy breakdowns and hi-hop beats, but fused with their energy creates for some thrilling shows. It’s racy and singer Jacob’s energy and moves to the beats scream passion. They’re a band obviously enjoy each others company and believe on what they do.

Bantering with the crowd goes down well with the odd humour between songs, loosening up the atmosphere and creating a friendly vibe. Jacob interacts with the crowd flawlessly, at one point demanding the crowd crouch down, and when they jump back up lose all control. It creates a fun vibe and dancing upholds for the rest of the night.

They speed through an early set up and work through a set of new songs saving the oldies for last as Downfall, being a huge favourite, sees the venue erupts and scream back. It’s been a solid set for the London lads.


Catch The One Hundred at 2000 Trees Festival this July –

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