The Missive – High, Wide & Handsome EP review

The Missive – High, Wide & Handsome EP

The new 4 track EP by The Missive is a cracker, full of catchy melodies, powerful musicianship and huge sounding songs.

Kicking off with ‘Sleeping With The Bad Guys’, which is arguably the bands best song, is an excellent choice. It’s a great, well written song with a big riff and spot on vocal from singer Emma Louise and a melody that’ll stick on your head for weeks.

‘Shoot Me If I’m Wrong’  starts off a bit more sedate but very soon blasts into a massive chorus and a features a cracking breakdown with some fancy guitar work from Tom Brookes.

‘Misguided’ features another great vocal from Emma and an infectious “We’ll show you the way home” gang type vocal. Again, another really well written song.

The EP was produced by Welsh super-producer Romesh Dodangoda and sounds amazing, and the band, completed by Mitch Ponting, Chris Bell and Jeff Wasley have worked really hard getting the sound just right.

The EP closes with ‘Shipwrecked’, a pretty intense and heavy track which include some aggressive vocals and some huge riffing. A very accomplished EP from a great band and one that is definitely worth your time and money.

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