The Mars Patrol – Young Lovers EP Review

The Mars Patrol – Young Lovers

This EP by The Mars Patrol was released via Pledge Music and at present is only available to Pledgers but will hopefully get a general release soon, and to be honest it’s too good not to.

What you have here is 5 tracks of accessible, radio friendly pop/rock and it’s really, really good. I generally don’t review albums on the first couple of listens, I like to give the songs a chance, but I’ve had this EP a grand total of 2 hours and I love it, the songs are very immediate, catchy and likeable.

First track ‘Here We Go’, really kicks things off in style, it’s a great pop/rock track, mid-paced, lots of melody and definitely gets your head bobbing.

Track number 2 ‘Stop Pushing You Away’ is my favourite so far, it’s got an infectious as hell chorus and Davina’s vocal performance is outstanding.

The EP sounds great and the band, Singer Davina Divine, Guitarists Ross Nelson and James Williamson, bass player Stephen Parker, keyboard and piano player Matt Baker and drummer Lewis Searle have put in killer performances which really come across in the quality of the songs here.

‘Coming Home’ is an electro/acoustic ballad and ‘I Wonder’ is another slow one, both tracks full of melody.

Title track ‘Young Lovers’ closes the EP and has an almost electro/new wave vibe and some spiky guitar lines and a big chorus, quite an adventurous track and it sounds great.

I really like this band and I definitely urge you to pick up a copy of the ‘Young Lovers’ EP. The band are playing The Garage in London on November 29th and you can pick up a copy there before the general release.

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