The Family – Welcome To The Family Review

the familyWelcome To The Family is the debut EP from The Family and it’s a downright filthy affair that will inexplicably get stuck in your head.

It’s a little difficult to earmark The Family into a genre, as they don’t quite fit into a specific ‘box’ but perhaps a fair description of their music is ‘punk with grunge undertones’. The half-snarled, half-sang vocals are magnificent, really hammering their point home, and will surely get stuck in your head after a few listens. There’s a lot of power and emotion to them as well, and paired with the energetic instrumentation, The Family are onto a winner here.

All four songs are pretty awesome, but a particular highlight is third track My Kinda Scum. It’s one of those songs that will be rattling about your head for days – the vocal line is a fairly simplistic one but it’s extremely effective at hammering its point home and the seriously catchy riffs will get your head nodding in no time! This is surely a song that will go down a storm in a live environment.

As a whole, this is a good, solid starting point for The Family – and I for one am very excited about what’s in store for their debut full-length!


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