The Evil Dead – Earth Inferno Review

the evil dead earth infernoEarth Inferno is the highly energetic second album from The Evil Dead and it’s a decent enough listen that follows on well from their debut Pronounced (The Evil) Dead.

The pace is fantastic on the album, with the entire band giving an empowered and high-octane performance, from the frenetic drums coupled with the bass, to the hard-hitting riffs and solos, and the passionately delivered vocals. The Evil Dead don’t stop or give the listener time to breathe until the final chords of the closing track ring out, which is impressive in itself. Earth Inferno is a demanding listen that draws the listener in and holds them in place for its 53-minute duration, with tracks such as Electric Evil Revisited and Song Of The Hunt being particular highlights.

There’s only one minor grumble about the album, and that’s the tone of the vocals themselves. At times, the snarls just sound a little forced out and somewhat grating – and whilst it may be a stylistic decision, the scratchy tone lets the music down a tad, which is a shame because this is an otherwise very enjoyable listen.

All in all, Earth Inferno is another good release from The Evil Dead – so make sure you pick up a copy, stick it on and turn the volume right up!


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