The Dollyrots – Whiplash Splash Review

The Dollyrots - Whiplash Splash Album CoverAfter being rather impressed by The Dollyrots’ EP Mama’s Gonna Knock You Out, I’ve been eagerly awaiting new material for them and they’re now back with their brand new album Whiplash Splash which was funded by a very successful PledgeMusic campaign – not bad, eh?

Whiplash Splash has a teeth-rottingly sweet vibe to it, but it’s a vibe that works for The Dollyrots. The piece as a whole is massively melodic, with tonnes of big sing-along choruses and catchy guitar lines and solos, so subsequently the songs will get in your head and will be stuck in there for days – which is certainly testament to great songwriting. These songs will be under your skin, make no mistake of that.

There’s a lot of musically solid tracks on Whiplash Splash, with a particularly good inclusion being the infectious opener I Do, which really gets things off with a bang thanks to the punchy instrumentation and massive chorus that sounds tailor-made for for being performed in a live environment – I can already hear crowds joining in for the repeating line of I do! However, the highlight of the album comes fairly late-on in the album, with tenth track Pack Of Smokes. Although it’s one of the shortest songs on Whiplash Splash, it’s also the most memorable. There’s an ever-so-slight melancholic vibe to the instrumentation and it blends well with the ‘lighter’ vocals – and it’s very difficult to listen to the track without wanting to sing along at the top of your voice!

All in all, a fantastic piece of work from The Dollyrots. Make sure you pick up a copy and blast it at top volume!


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