The Dillinger Escape Plan – Tramshed Cardiff, 23/01/17

Opening up for Dillinger are New Yorkers Primitive Weapons. A worthy opener who don’t hesitate to throw out their rousing energy, they’re a pinch of fun with a mouthful of headbanging hardcore metal. Fronted by Dave Castillo, he plays frontman truly and the rest of the band follow suit. As unknown openers go they were a welcomed surprise to the early crowd.

Storming onto the stage like an explosion HO99O9 literally grab you by the hair and drag you into their unimaginable set that just has to be witnessed.

HO99O9 are captivating to watch – no one can take their eyes off them. Although, trying to keep your eye on one is hard enough as each singer paces around the stage in manic fashion. One singer takes an early spontaneous dive into the unsuspecting crowd as the other faffs about in a wedding dress and mask. “Lights off, lights off, lights off” theOGM screams before emerging centre stage with just a headlamp to light up the venue.

Their music, which is a fusion of hip hop, rap metal and beats go down a treat. In an attempt to get things messy singer Eaddy throws out some pit rules, but most importantly “Third Rule, get outta my way” before detonating into their fastest song of the set. It’s quite the spectacle and one people will be talking about for a while.

As the club music comes to a halt The Dillinger Escape Plan take to the stage gracefully, ready to blow everyones minds one last time. They’re renowned for the live performances that spawns over a 20 year career. Their reputation has been well earned and it’s somber to see such a notorious influential band part ways.

Noted before they came on stage security discuss the bands antics and we over hear caution to look out for the singer and guitarist and within the first minute guitarist Ben takes a dive into the crowd and luckily manages to come back over the barrier feet first as security are preoccupied with the elated crowd.

Metalcore, mathmetal, metal, what ever you want to brand them they are truly unique to the scene as the band switch from fast penetrating riffs to melodic and unhinged. Every chance the crowd gets they sing back, proudly and buoyant. The whole band are a whirlwind on stage, playing off each as friends do, and it’s a beautiful thing to watch.

TDEP know how to push their limits musically and boundaries physically as stage hopping onto the barrier becomes a thing a truly glorious thing to watch. They’re faultless and deliver the perfect end to the night. From the start they don’t come up for air, it’s a non stop delivery of hits. Tonight has been a non stop barrage of true live performances.


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