The Bench EP Review

After enjoying Braxton Hicks’ performance at The North, I simply had to pick up their latest release, The Bench EP. Priced at a very reasonable £2, meaning you’re only paying 50p per song, so you really are getting a lot for your money. Admittedly, this CD doesn’t quite capture the energy and enthusiasm that this band showed in a live environment, but it is a good and solid mix of songs.

Opening track Gone Fishin’ is a poignant tribute to their friend Johnny Williams, who the EP is dedicated to the memory of. The song is a little repetitive in parts, but the lyrics are beautiful and you can really tell they were written from the heart. It then leads well into the second track, Poison By Rancid. It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of short songs, and this is just that – at just over one and a half minutes long, it’s a perfectly punctuated and frantic song that hits hard and fast.

Third track This Song Was Never Written isn’t one of the more standout songs. Whilst it is a good track, it almost feels a little like a mixture of the other three tracks, so it subsequently blended into the background a little, which was a shame. Closing track Depressing/Scream It Out finishes things on a high, however. A catchy little number, it had my foot tapping along from start to finish, and the way the song ends with only vocals was a nice touch.

Overall, The Bench EP is a pretty good release that is full of potential. If you like your punk, you’ll love this, but don’t go in expecting anything completely different.


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