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Tesla - SimplicityTesla are a band that have been around about 30 years and have had six previous studio albums. They run with their latest release, Simplicity and the title of the album aptly fits the record. It’s simple in nature, but that’s what makes it so good.

MP3 is a catchy opener and it’ll easily lure you in to keep the play button firmly on this one. Ricochet has a really 80’s classic rock, hard rock feel to it. It makes you think of Sunset Strip and leather. It also contains a sweet as guitar solo, that just adds to that throw back feel.

Cross My Heart is a nice little jazzy number, containing some blues/jazz feel piano. Track Honestly is a little grated with its annoying repeating whine of ‘honestly!” This isn’t the only bad track on this album and it’s quite hit and miss. There are some really annoying tracks and then there are some absolute corkers. Flip Side however falls somewhere in between. The guitar is corking; the choruses are all right. It’s the incessant repetitive ‘flip side’ that becomes annoying quickly again.

Burnout to Feel is a slower track. It’s a bit of a rock power ballad. Time Bomb has some group vocal chants, which are easy to pick up and join in with.

The album is a bit of a mix. It has some highs and lows and some that seem to dance the fine line between it seems. It’s not an outstanding release, but it’s acceptable enough.


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