Temple of Demigod – The Great Old Ones Review

_tod-album-artThe Great Old Ones is the debut album from Armenians Temple of Demigod. It’s not their first release, having released two singles and an EP previously, but it remains as fresh in its entirety as the necromantic sounds of black/melodeath metal allow.

Borrowing heavily from Lovecraftian lore, The Great Old Ones is nefariously demonic and although not as technically impressive as some of the best known names in the brutally evil black metal scene it’s ambiance and attention to mood are worthy efforts.  Temple of Demigod keep it simple and in doing so give their structure a solid composure.  Inspiring a Victorian flicker of amusement over the brows of monsters waiting to burst from their ethereal shackles.

There’s a lot to be said for not try to simulate fretboard wankery and Temple of Demigod nail it on The Great Old Ones by having a fully coherent and realistic musical vocabulary, and although the genre format is intentionally noisey Temple of Demigod make a clear and concise journey from start to finish. While even dabbling in the most coveted manifestation of six-string necromancy – the solo – and keeping it tight and to the point.

Without relying on tricks to create interesting and engaging compositions Temple of Demigod provide some seriously heartfelt riffage into their collective sound and while there is some fine technique practiced behind the savage riffery it’s not the same pretentious wank we’ve come to expect from black metal. Even with the inclusion of keyboards and drums that sound like the old Awe 32 MIDI driver sounds it retains a beastly sound that is pleasantly old-skool. Yet that might just be what partly gives it that vestigial edge.

Thirty years too late to be an iconic album, The Great Old Ones by Temple of Demigod has got a solid foundation on which to elaborate on. Yet while it might not be an innovative release its detailed architecture is of the finest diabolical quality. Summoning the old names in black metal and channeling their timeless energy.


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