Telepathy – Tempest Review

telepathy tempestTelepathy’s new album Tempest is here and it’s a crushingly good listen that features some fantastic tracks over its fifty minute duration.

What’s good about Tempest is that Telepathy haven’t boxed themselves into one specific genre – this album brings together post-rock, doom and sludge to name but three different styles, and the blend of sounds really works for the band. From the soaring soundscapes of second track Smoke From Distant Fires to the generally fast-paced heavier number Apparition, there’s just a nice mix of everything on the album.

A personal favourite of mine is the penultimate track Water Divides The Tide. Starting off slowly, with some fairly sparse instrumentation, it adds a lot of ambience and atmosphere to the track before Telepathy adds a heavier guitar/drumline alongside and it really gives the track an extra punch. The song then progresses well from there, with heavier lines echoing the gentler earlier sections and the riffs and melodies really get stuck in your head as a result before the track comes full circle and closes with a very soft, gentle-sounding section.

As a whole, Tempest is another strong release from Telepathy. The album is a wonderful piece and will surely leave an impression on you after you’ve finished listening to it.


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