Teknofonic Essentials Vol. 1 Review

teknofonicHailing from New York, American composer and producer Adam Reifsteck (known by many as Sonic Fear, and also the founder of Teknofonic Recordings) has graced us with an album deserving of the hype it is creating. Teknofonic Essentials Vol.1 is a juggernaut of electronica, House, Trance, and Dubstep sound. With twenty unique tracks showcasing the creative vastness of the Teknofonic Recordings roster, this will no doubt be an album purchased and loved by many.

There are honestly too many names on here to give particular shout outs, that being said I would like to mention a few tracks that caught my attention immediately. Starting with the searing track titled Limits by 3 Logic, a lethal and high octane dose of electronica/dubstep sound that goes straight for the throat and doesn’t let go. The energy within this track is more than enough to make you forget about the need for coffee or anything caffeine related.

Sonic Fear gives us a beautiful track titled I’ll Be Your World, featuring Veela. This haunting track combines smooth female vocals, a ballad style piano, and layers upon layers of ethereal sound. Being a complete opposite to Limits, this track in comparison to the other will give you an idea of the diversity of sound on this inspirational album.

Perry Engineering provides a slick House-style track respectively titled House Music In London. This is an easy track to digest, as almost all house music is. There is nothing offensive here, no beats you have to overly analyze, no screaming vocals, and no sound capable of ripping you out of your meditative state this song hopes to place you in, and by meditation I mean the type you dance to. A great track that feels like a bit of a history lesson in the genre.

All in all, what Adam Reifsteck has brought to the table is delicious. He has brought together some of the current greats within their respective genres on one tremendous sounding album. If you are looking for an album that you can dance to, work out to, and have a great time to, then here it is.


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