Team Sleep – Woodstock Sessions Review

woodstock sessions team sleepWoodstock Sessions is a live album from Team Sleep and is the first release from the band in ten years.

Live albums can be somewhat hit or miss. Sometimes you can get absolutely immersed in them and it feels like you’re there witnessing the performance for yourself, but it can also be the case that the magic of the live performance isn’t quite captured on CD. Thankfully, Woodstock Sessions falls into the latter category and it’s an album you’ll certainly want to return to time and time again.

There’s an ethereal mystery-shrouded quality to the music and you really get a sense of tremendous atmosphere from the piece; the setlist is fantastically arranged and each song flows so well from one to the next that it’s difficult to believe that the songs don’t appear on their studio album in that specific order! Indeed, it’s also great to hear fresh recordings of songs that had previously only seen the light of day in demo format and the band sounds so together that you’d be forgiven for thinking the band had gone into the studio to rerecord them, if it wasn’t for the cheers of the crowd in the background.

As a whole,Woodstock Sessions is an excellent listen and a most welcome return from Team Sleep. Hopefully it won’t be another ten years until the band’s next release!


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