Tare – Ritual Degradation Review

Decent black metal can sometimes be fairly difficult to find, but you should look no further than Tare for a thoroughly intriguing and gripping listen.

Ritual Degradation is the debut release from the band, and it certainly packs a punch. It’s almost difficult to believe that this really is the first release from the band because it just feels so established and like Tare has been floating about for decades. Quite simply, it’s an absolutely excellent offering; everything you could ask for from a black metal release. It gels together fantastically and is energetic yet dark and mysterious – the perfect blend.

Innate Blasphemy is a swift highlight, wasting no time in getting going and treating the listener to an all-out aural assault on their ears, relentless from start to finish with some utterly fantastic instrumentation throughout, and if that’s not enough then just wait until you hear Ripped To Shit, which is by far the most memorable song on Ritual Degradation. Clocking in at just over two minutes in duration, it just gets straight to the point and is a perfect slice of noise and aggression coupled with some ace guitars and thrashing drums.

To be perfectly honest, Ritual Degradation has everything and is something you’ll keep wanting to come back to.


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