Taking Back Sunday – Roundhouse, London 09/12/14

Given Marmozets recent success with their debut album and tour, it seems quite the gamble Taking Back Sunday would bring them along. They’re renowned for their chaotic shows and tonight is just another night. The crowd are ready and don’t take long to get going. Many sing and many wonder what the hell they’re witnessing. It’s a short set for these young ones but that’s all they need to show their flair. It’s been a strong set to which end song Vibetech sees singer Becca venture into the crowd and start jumping around with fans.

Taking Back Sunday take to the stage to tremendous cheers and launch into what is the beginning of an absolutely fantastic set. The band play some of their newest tracks, some of their oldest tracks and few classics from inbetween to boot and keep the whole audience well entertained.

I had declared earlier in the night that it would be unlikely to hear Taking Back Sunday play my favourite song from the new album, Better Homes and Gardens, because it’s a song about divorce and whilst fantastically written, frankly it’s a bit of a sad track to launch into in a gig environment. You can’t really dance to the end of someone’s relationship unless its such cheesy pop punk whiny hit about how your last girlfriend was a dick.

Adam Lazzara starts to talk to the crowd at one point and I take this as my opportunity to head to the toilets (the problems with a bladder the size of a peanut, but hey maybe I wouldn’t miss any of the actual songs). My phone buzzes in my pocket and I think to myself that I heard him mention relationships from my perch on the toilet, “oh hell no I’m gonna miss my favourite damn song from the new album” I think.

I rush out, wash my hands and skip to my friend through the doors just as he’s announcing the title of the song. Yes, I didn’t miss my favourite song and all in comical fashion. It’s moments like this that make the effort of gig going more than worth it, (the buzzing was a text from her telling me to hurry up cause she thinks they’re going to play the song).

The band don’t encore and it’s nice, more bands should just play an extra track or two instead of feeding their egos and Taking Back Sunday deserve all the applause and cheers they get when the set is finally over. If you missed this show, definitely do not miss out on their next, few bands are willing to mix their set up that much to absolute perfection.


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