Blast From the Past: Taking Back Sunday – Louder Now

Taking Back Sunday - Louder NowWhat can you say about this album that isn’t positive? On those list of your ‘Top 20 Favourite Albums’ this always easily makes my list because there isn’t a single song on this album that is bad. It’s just hit after hit from beginning to end.

Released in 2005, Louder Now shot Taking Back Sunday from a big band to a household name in the rock community. Whilst it received mixed reviews from critics, audiences lapped it up and the band headlined numerous festivals off the back of the release. And the album was also produced by one of my favourite producers of the time, Eric Valentine.

The lead single Makedamnsure was a massive hit for the summer of 2006 and was just a taster of the album, which boasted tracks such as What’s It Feel Like To Be A Ghost?, Liar (It Takes One to Know One),Twenty-Twenty Surgery and the amazing Spin.

The album showcases how good pop punk was around the time, although Taking Back Sunday have always mixed elements of something more to their sound. Melody, post-hardcore and what was called emo back in the day; based on the scream type vocals that occasionally occurred. The sound was big and most definitely lively, capturing the sound of its time perfectly.

The band’s line up changed after this album again and has reverted to it’s original line up, which was just as exciting. It’s hard to say there’s been a bad Taking Back Sunday song and for me this album just sums up sunshine and better days. If you missed out on this first time around, grab a copy now and rock it loud and proud as the sunshine hits.

Keep your eyes for our review of Taking Back Sunday’s new album Happiness Is our March 18th coming soon!


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