Synodik – A Matter Of Perception Review

synodik matter of perceptionItalians Synodik are eclectic veterans converging to muse on death, doom and existentialism, in the style of death metal, and with other influences. The latest EP A Matter Of Perception furthers the intrepid cogitation of nihilism with progressive tendencies.

Experimenting in styles until it blends in with the dissonant and strong death foundation, the EP sounds like a formal work in progress. The riffs are brilliant with some serene melodies coming from outside the blanket of cold noise. There is an overwhelming amount of cohesion applied to make it more prog and with that it sounds like there are two to three independent songs blended together on one track. It does not leave any room for anticipation.

The structure of the songs sound like a spaced out raver having a fit of anxiety in the nineties and that is ruing because the instrumentation is tight, pounding away heavily onto each new riff. There are some strikingly provoking moments, but throughout the two tracks the rhythm tries to break down any melody to trundle forth into the next barrage of harmonies and blast beats. The dynamics between the layers sound so crispy that the gratuitous atmosphere would of been better left to just the intro.

Technically it is sharp but it comes with over-saturated compositions that are mired in great potential.


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