Synkvervet – Trollspeil Review

Synkvervet  Trollspeil coverTrollspeil is the second album from Norwegian neo folk metal outfit Synkvervet and for what it is, it’s a fairly decent offering, although isn’t quite unique enough to stand out from the crowd.

There’s some utterly fantastic songs on the album, and the emotive Inner Sanctum is a stunning inclusion. Beginning with gentle keys before progressing into passionately delivered clean vocals and a particularly good element of the song is when the harsh vocals are added into the mix. Starting off being in a slow and almost doom-like, they end up shifting into a higher and more energetic delivery and it’s striking to say the least – definitely one of the standout songs of Trollspeil.

Unfortunately, for every song like Inner Sanctum, there’s a song that doesn’t leave an impression on you and it ultimately results in a fairly fragmented listen. Songs such as Breathtaking and Angelfall follow a fairly standard format and whilst the tracks themselves certainly aren’t bad, they just lack that special sparkle that Synkvervet are definitely able to deliver as evidenced in some of their other songs.

As a whole, Trollspeil does leave a little to be desired. What Synkvervet are doing is great but at times they do seem to be playing it a little safe – so a little bit of adventure would work wonders for the outfit because this band really has the capability of going far in the industry.


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