Syberia – Resiliency Review

syberia resiliencyResiliency is the new offering from Barcelona’s Syberia and it is an exciting and immersive instrumental listen that manages to hit all the right notes.

Syberia take us on a journey as they progress through Resiliency and prove that they don’t need vocals to tell a story, masterfully weaving their way through each twist and turn that the music takes, and it makes for a wholly engaging listen as a result. There’s soaring epic sections, there’s stripped-back softer sections and big energetic moments to name but three; Syberia keeps the listener on their toes and subsequently you never quite know what to expect next from them as the album progresses.

Although Resiliency doesn’t feature any big standout numbers as such, that ultimately doesn’t matter because each track forms a part of a bigger picture – this is an album that is best appreciated listened to in full from start to finish, so if you’re a listener that likes to stop and start, or listen to their music on shuffle, this may not be an album for you.

As a whole, there’s not a lot that can be faulted with this album and provided you have the time to sit down and take it in, it makes for a very enjoyable listen – there’s no doubting that Syberia is a band that is talented at what they do and Resiliency is an album you won’t want to miss.


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