Svartby – Karl’s Egg Farm Review

svartby karls egg farmAs a special Christmas treat, Svartby have just released a free two-track download of an EP entitled Karl’s Egg Farm, which serves as a teaser for their upcoming album, and what an offering it is! It also features guest drums from Alexey Kovalyov (Exhumation) and stunning artwork by Dmitriy Isakevich, and even though it’s merely two tracks long, it’s an EP to remember.

The opening for Karl’s Egg Farm is wildly catchy on its own and by the time the vocals kick in, the melody is already firmly cemented into your brain. You can’t help but want to dance and move about to it and the tremendously fast pace does wonders for the song; the fact there’s so much energy and speed packed into a mere three and a half minutes is incredible. You can really tell how hard the band are going for it and it really is something to behold.

At first, you could maybe be under the impression that second track Morbid Quag doesn’t pack the same punch as the title track because the intro isn’t quite as gripping but the keyboard/synthesised solo in the middle is potentially one of the best Svartby have done on any release of theirs. There’s something about it that is just so mindblowingly incredible and I’m already fully aware that this is going to be a tune rattling about in my mind all over Christmas.

What a wonderful release from the kings of svartcore – full of energy from start to finish, this is Svartby at their best and if this is going to be anything to go by, then the new album is going to melt our faces!


You can download this EP for completely free, along with the rest of their incredible discography, from their bandcamp page (although you should really give them money for being so awesome!) so if you haven’t already done this, then what are you waiting for? You could well discover your new favourite band.

Svartby: Website|Facebook

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