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svartanattAfter the release of their third single in November last year, this spring sees the release of the debut self-titled album from Swedish five piece Svartanatt and it delivers 10 tracks of easy listening rock, drawing influence from 60’s and 70’s classic rock, and doing the genre proud.

The vocals by Jani Lehtinen are gritty yet soft and soothing when they need to be, gelling perfectly with the rest of the band. The whole album oozes with the timeless, inoffensive, and familiar sounds of bluesy classic rock, making for a near faultless album.

Svartanatt have mastered smooth transitions in each song, with heavy riffs and softer melodies side by side, and one of the feature tracks on the album is Nightman. Starting slower than the previous number and a little underwhelming at first, the middle section of the song breaks down into chaotic noise and a faster riff- an unexpected but welcome surprise.

With perfectly positioned guitar licks, bass runs, and drum fills, the album has ten brilliantly written yet not overcomplicated tracks that you can’t help but nod your head, tap your feet, and sway along to.

For fans of Saxon, Rival Sons, and Hawkwind, and definitely not one to miss.


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