Surrender The Coast – Lost Souls Review

Lost Souls - Surrender The CoastWhen it comes to the genre of hardcore music, there’s a lot of bands all doing the exact same things and it can be difficult to differentiate from one band to the next. Surrender The Coast is a good band; there’s no denying that, but their latest effort Lost Souls is nothing that hasn’t already been heard before.

The album just largely follows the same format as every other hardcore band out there; chugging riffs with powerful harsh vocals and plenty of occasions to bang your head along to the music. Lost Souls is brimming with energy and momentum, and the flow of the album is great, with each track leading on very well into the next. It just feels a little stagnant and like it’s all been done before, with none of the tracks leaving a massive impression on you. Songs such as Dreamcatcher and title track Lost Souls definitely pack a punch, it has to be said, but it’s just difficult to fully connect when it’s nothing new, per se.

It’s just unfortunate because there’s no doubting that Surrender The Coast has potential. The thing with hardcore in general is that it tends to translate better live than on CD, so perhaps it’s best to recommend simply going to see Surrender The Coast to witness the full force of what they have to offer because on CD, they just don’t make the impression they’re capable of.


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