SunStrike – Ready II Strike Review

sunstrikeIf Sweden used a song from this album as their entry into Eurovision we might not have sympathy voted the Ukraine into our pithy guilt covered political compensation strategy that chilled the world. Winning. Instead the global community would be rocking out and enjoying some grade 80’s inspired hair metal. Real hair metal!

We start off Head Over Heels with the second album from Swedes SunStrike, which is a chirpy and lively opening that has me fervently looking for a hair brush to perform its tour of duty as a microphone so I can lip sync the exemplary chorus. It’s the type of song that really brings out my spandex.

Stylized and groovy rhythms permeate articulate riffs on Ready II Strike that make fun songs withstand the gravitas of soppy lyrics. It is the hairiest metal with hair spray that’s firmly set and it sure does stand tall. Even with the moisture rising in ballads like I Stand By You and Sail Away the hair brush is ever ready to jump into action to glam on and rise high.

With its summery disposition SunStrike inspire bright moods with their composite arrangements. Add to that some roaring solos that sing in response to the main melodies, their voice backing up the liberal and talented score. In summary: it’s free and fun loving. It’s a midnight party album that feels fast and dangerous. It burns rubber, and wears cool sunglasses, and my hair brush won’t leave the bedroom without its bandanna.


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