Stormy Mondays – The Lay Of The Land/Wading The River Review

Not every band can say that their music will leave this planet in a space shuttle, but for Oviedo, Spain’s Stormy Mondays, that is exactly what is going to happen after winning the NASA Space Rock Contest. Known for their fluid and unique take on the very popular folk category, Stormy Mondays have ambitiously given us not one but two back to back EPs, titled The Lay Of The Land and Wading The River.

The Lay of the Land EP CoverStarting with The Lay Of The Land and the opening track Talking In My Sleep, Stormy Mondays waste no time throwing us into the folk music ring. It is a soft beautiful track that feels emotionally charged the first time through, but the second listen is where the song shines even more. On the second listen you get to focus a bit more attention on all the subtleties of the track, and all the effort put into the layers and mixing to fill out the song.

Moving on throughout the album there are no songs that feel like the ugly duckling of the EP. Every song has that airy sound and smooth, emotionally filled vocals. Moon Almost Full is one of the fastest tracks on the EP and with its Tom Petty inspired song story telling and rocking beat, this is a track I think many folk listeners will gravitate towards.

The Finish Line slows it down a bit in the tempo department, but both the lyrics and vocals are the most demanding on the entire EP. For many listeners this will be the track they hit repeat on as it has a message most people can relate to. In fact, the entire EP The Lay Of The Land is masterfully produced and executed. It is self aware and inspirational. For those that rely on heavy music and aggression, this will be an album you won’t relate to, but for listeners that have a softer side, enjoy folk and beautifully crafted songs, this will be an EP you want to hear.

Wading the River EP CoverWading The River feels faster paced than the slower Lay Of The Land. Opening with the fun track titled Love And Fire, it is clear that Stormy Mondays care about the message they are singing out to the public.

Struck By Life reminds me of the type of classic rock and roll we don’t hear much any more. The beat is fast and steady, the vocals are anthem-like, and the message is clear – “I want to get struck by life”. There is a lot of The Rolling Stones in this particular track, and that is a good thing.

The final track Not Enough is more of what we have come to expect from Stormy Mondays. It may not bring anything new to the table in respects to the entirety of both EP’s, but is doesn’t have to. The song is catchy, the lyrics are thoughtful and as always, the vocals and musicianship are spot on.


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