Stiffy Jones – Narrow Road Of Memories Review

stiffy-jones-narrow-road-of-memories-artworkNarrow Road Of Memories is the brand new album from Swedish folk-tinged punk band Stiffy Jones and it’s a nice feel-good piece that makes for some fun and enjoyable listening.

There’s a great deal of energy in Stiffy Jones’ delivery on the album and it definitely seems like the band would be a lot of fun to see live if Narrow Road Of Memories is anything to go by. The way Stiffy Jones has encapsulated such energy and momentum into the twelve songs is fantastic and you’ll find yourself wanting to move along to the music as the album progresses.

Narrow Road Of Memories features some awesome tracks and one of the strongest is the high-octane number Disconnect Me. The guitar line in the intro has an awesome tone to it and the feel-good track will have you singing along to the chorus before you know it! It’s a catchy earworm and you may well find the melody rattling about in your head for a while after the album has finished playing! Additionally, the slightly punkier vocal approach for a short section in the latter half of the song works well and helps the track leave more of an impression on you!

Although a little safe and unadventurous at times, Narrow Road Of Memories is a good, energetic album that will certainly leave an impression on you by the time the closing chords of the final song ring out.


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