Sticks & Stones – The Art Of Pulling Yourself Off The Ground Review

Punk rockers Sticks & Stones’ debut EP The Art of Pulling Yourself off the Ground, opens with spoken words that are very true and good advice.

Releasing the EP after only 6 months together, it shows as the harmonies are a bit shaky but the two vocalists voices go together well even if the harmonies are off at some point. The band have a real punk feel with shouting then singing vocal techniques with upbeat drums and thrashing bass riffs.

The EP opens with the track Dale Said. It’s a more upbeat song and is also the one with the most structure and sounds finished, as every other song on the EP sounds like they’re missing something. The drums are one of the most impressive things on the track as they sound complex and fit the song perfectly. The bass solo in the song is a bit simple but it works, which is the same with the guitars. The guitar riffs are very repetitive and sound very amateur, but they are executed well.

Lost in a Place I Know Too Well is a slower song and is opened by either bass or the guitar – the two sounds aren’t really distinguished. The vocalist in the songs sounds a bit whiney but you can hear the emotion in his voice. As the song progresses, the instrumental picks up and shows off the creativity of the guitar playing.

Overall the EP is nothing overly special but with some honing of their skills Sticks & Stones could do something rather impressive. With some impressive drum beats, thrashing bass and guitar and harmonies, it gives off a punk vibe.


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