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Steve’n’Seagulls recently embarked on a UK tour. We caught up with them in Manchester ahead of their show (our review of which can be read here) for a chat about stage outfits, perfume and bathing in 50-euro notes. Check it out below!

So you’re three dates into your UK tour – how’s it been going so far?
Hermann: It’s been great.
Remmel: Yeah, it’s been good. We continued from the US to Russia and Central Europe, and now we’re here!

How are you finding the UK so far?
Hermann: It’s been excellent. Again!
Hiltunen: The audiences are very good and are easy to play in front of.

I’m expecting tonight to be the best of the UK tour of course, but which show was the best out of the two previous dates – London or Wolverhampton?
Remmel: I would have to say London.
Puikkonen: Yeah, London was really good.

What can fans expect from a Steve’n’Seagulls show?
(there is a very long pause)
Pukki: …Sweat and tears. (everyone laughs) But no blood!
Hermann: A display of man-flesh, I suppose! Not exactly what you’re thinking, but…!
Remmel: It’s not a beautiful sight!

Where did the idea for your wonderful stage outfits come from? Did you think it was just in-keeping with the style of your music, or…?
Remmel: Comfort.
Hiltunen: Yeah, comfort!
Hermann: Some of it came along with the instruments, since it’s quite a bluegrass style.
Puikkonen: We basically just wanted to look like white trash rednecks!
Hermann: I don’t know about Pukki’s pants however…!
Pukki: I guess Ninja Turtles aren’t so bluegrass. They’re kind of white trash though!

They are pretty awesome though, I think they work!
Pukki: Thanks!

Earlier in the year I saw you performing at Nummirock. How will a show like this in a club differ to a festival?
Pukki: Well, it’s more intimate.
Hiltunen: Much more intimate!
Remmel: Nummirock was kind of special because it was a metal festival! We were kind of nervous about it, to tell the truth.

Well you can certainly say the Finnish gods approved of the set since your performance was the only one where it was sunny from start to finish!
(everyone laughs)
Remmel: Arriving there was hilarious because we got there right when Sotajumala was doing their sound-check.
Pukki: Hailing from Jyväskylä, just like us!
Hermann: Yes! They’re a great band, but when we opened the car door, we were immediately faced with “RAAAAAAAARGHHHHHH!”
Remmel: It was kind of like “…okay.” (mimes closing the door again)
Hermann: You could smell all the hangovers too.

If there was going to be a movie released about the band, what actors would you want to play yourselves?
Hiltunen: Pukki!
Pukki: What?!
Hermann: I think Sean Penn should be Pukki.
Remmel: Well, there’s one of us we’re all absolutely certain about. Quentin Tarantino for Puikkonen!
Puikkonen: I’ve heard people telling me I look like him since high school.
Hermann: In just about every YouTube video we post, there’s at least one comment that says “hey, that’s Quentin Tarantino playing drums!”
Remmel: I don’t know which one of us it would be, but I want Chevy Chase to play one of us.

What about Steven Seagal? I think he might be apt, what with your band name and everything.
Hiltunen: I suppose he could make some food for us and play some blues…!

If Steve’n’Seagulls could put their name to a product, what would it be?
Puikkonen: I think we should have our own perfume.
(everyone laughs)
Remmel: Yeah, for the ladies!

What sort of scent would the perfume have, or should I not ask?
Puikkonen: Some sort of weird odour…
Pukki: That could work!

You’ll have to send us a sample!
Remmel: Don’t worry, you’ll get to sample it tonight!
Puikkonen: Yeah, just come and hang out in the van for a bit and you’ll soon get the smell! (laughs)

And finally to round up the interview, what’s in store for you in 2016?
Remmel: Second album, some more festivals…hopefully!
Hermann: Hopefully another trip to the US. And UK, obviously!

Of course!
Remmel: I guess that’s almost certain though. What else though…?
Hermann: Counting all the money!
Pukki: Counting the pennies…

Do you take baths in 50-euro notes, then?
Remmel: Oh yeah, that’s what I do in the morning! Some people put cucumbers over their eyes, but not me – I use 1000-euro notes instead! (laughs)

Steve’n’Seagulls: Website|Facebook|Twitter

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