Steve’n’Seagulls – Farm Machine Review

SteveNSeagullsFarmMachineIt’s perhaps fair to say that Finland carries a bit of a stereotype of being all about the metal, so some people may find Steve’n’Seagulls, a band that plays bluegrass/folk covers of metal songs, to be a bit of an anomaly, but it’s fair to say that this is a band that you’ll fall in love with upon listening!

Quite simply, Farm Machine is just a fun album you’ll keep wanting to come back to. Featuring a tremendously energetic rendition of Iron Maiden’s The Trooper, a cover of Over The Hills And Far Away that will have you singing along to it before you know what’s hit you and the version of Rammstein’s Ich Will that can only really be described as truly unique, Farm Machine is packed full of brilliant covers from start to finish.

Perhaps the greatest inclusion of all is Holy Diver, a cover of the Dio classic that has gained infamy in recent years due to Killswitch Engage’s acclaimed cover of it. However this cover is – dare I say it? – even better! It just has this special spark that will leave you wanting to listen to it over and over again, which is truly the sign of a good song.

As a whole, Farm Machine is an excellent listen and it goes without question that I’ll be down at the front for their performance at Nummirock!


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