Sterbhaus – New Level of Malevolence Review

Sterbhaus - New Level of Malevolence - ArtworkSterbhaus have come out fighting with their brand new album Age Of Malevolence and if you thought their last album was great then just wait until you hear this!

Ten tracks in Sterbhaus’ unique death/thrash/black/heavy metal style coined as ‘metal deluxe’, each one of the songs is memorable in its own right and there isn’t a single song on the release that stands out as being bad.

An early highlight is Necrostabbing The Corpsefinder, which the band have already released as a single, and it’s one of those songs simply begging for you to bang your head along to. Featuring chugging drums and guitars, and powerful vocals atop of it all for good measure, this is a song that showcases Sterbhaus at their best and it’s no wonder why this one was chose as a song to represent the album.

Other highlights include the incredibly titled Bloodbarf, and It Came From The Brain, but perhaps the greatest track of all is closing track Grand Theology, which really ends things on a high. After a fairly sparse introduction with some showy guitars, Sterbhaus then come out firing from all cylinders with a magnificent aural assault consisting of fast-paced drums coupled with powerful guitars and the snarled vocals add even more body to an already-striking song. Things progress well from there and a particularly great moment is when the vocals are performed alongside a fantastic guitar solo – incredible stuff!

As a whole, Age Of Malevolence is a great listen and if you’re looking for something with a bit of originality then you can’t go wrong with this.


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