Stars & Flights – Moral Colour Review

Stars & Flights - Moral ColourI got my grubby little paws on some Stars & Flights back in 2012 and gave them a review then and at the time I thought then they were outstanding, so I was naturally excited when this landed in my lap and I was ready for the audio onslaught that would ensue.

My ears were not disappointed when the album opener title track Moral Colour started. It’s lively and you know you’re going to be in for a corker of an album for the off.

Bitter Hands is a definite future single. It’s just got everything you could want from a radio friendly track without losing any integrity. It’s still got killer guitar hooks and a driving drum and bass section.

Tired Nightlife is a nice track. There’s a part where everything but vocals and drums drop out and it’s a great way to build the track.

Beautifully melodic and gentle, Dearest On Show really showcases the versatility of Stars & Flights. It’s a stunning song. It’s a love song of the best kind; a simple accompaniment and sentiment. No frills needed, this track does exactly what it’s supposed to.

Stars & Flights have improved since I last heard new music from them in 2012, but there’s still room for the band to keep growing and perfecting their unique sound some more and making themselves a little bolder and more encapsulating. The future can only be brighter for this band.


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