Stars & Flights – Dropping Anchors Review

South Wales are once again proving that they do it best when it comes to rock music. Stars & Flights sound incredibly polished and well organised for an outfit who are only just releasing their debut record. It’s nice also to hear something that isn’t just the same pop punk that’s getting forced out by bands at the moment and it seems Stars & Flights really care about what they write and release to the world.

The lyrics remind of early Lostprophets when they were singing about leaving a small town where frankly the prospects of a rich and lively future were few and far between, something that it seems Stars & Flights can relate to. And it’s an appealing concept to write about because so many people strive for better for themselves and their families and as the lyrics state in Angel Squared, “Don’t sit, don’t wait, you’ve got to go far to get far” and in September 18, “You’ll be safe if you stick with what you know, but you’ll never have fun again”.

There are elements musically of early Incubus on track Winter Away. And this theme carries through, but the band overall have a very unique sound for 2012 and doubt you’ll find in many other places at the moment. This album is well worth the investment.


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