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Next month on May 8, Spitfire will be releasing their brand new album Fuel To Burn. We caught up with the band’s guitarist Bob to find out more.

Thanks for the interview. Can you introduce yourself and tell me a bit about the band?

The pleasure is ours! I’m Bob, guitarist in Spitfire. The other members are JT on vocals, Iggy on bass and Ole Nic on drums. We are a band from the northwest coast of Norway, just doing what we love. We’ve been around since 2006, kicking out hard rock, and just about to release our 3rd album.

On the subject of your new album Fuel To Burn, how would you describe your writing and recording process?
On our previous recordings we recorded everything in a weekend or two. This time we spent a lot of time on pre-production, re-production, and then cutting songs to the bone. We have tried really hard to get the essence of what Spitfire is all about, to capture what we’re doing live.

Were there any songs that were more of a struggle to perfect?
We really worked on setting the right time-signature for every tune, and ended up recording some of them in a slower time-signature then we’d rehearsed them in, which was not easy. Other than that I would say Down. That song was a hassle, because of a very special groove to it.

Which song are you most proud of?
For me personally; Nightmare.

Any interesting studio stories?
Mostly just hard work. One day we helped some old woman in a wheelchair, and got invited for coffee and cookies.
That’s pretty rock and roll!!

What can fans expect from a Spitfire live show?
We’ve always focused on putting on a good show, not just perform on our instrument. I would say – expect to have a really good time!

What’s been the best show you’ve ever played?
We did a festival in Norway with a strange line-up. A lot of pop artist and rap. We came on last and really made an impression. After hours of lame pop and rap I guess the crowd was ready for some good old rock and roll.

And perhaps the strangest or weirdest?
We played on a mountain in Norway, in a small cabin. The crowd was mostly Germans, dancing something who reminded me of line-dancing. Strange, but fun!

If you could play on a lineup with any band, what would you choose?
A lot of bands comes to mind, but a lineup with Motorhead or BLS would be pretty cool.

And finally if Spitfire could put their name to a product, what would it be and why?
We have a lot of suggestions, I can assure you…mostly xxx-rated, so I think we’ll leave it with that;-)

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