Spiralism – Chakras Review

Spiralism ChakrasIt has to be said that Chakras by Spiralism is a bit of a difficult piece to get into as there’s nothing about the music that immediately jumps out you. On the surface, it’s very ‘out there’ and a little avant-garde, with a lot going on but seemingly nothing happening as each song progresses to the next – however, dig a little deeper and there’s something special to be unearthed.

The pace is generally quite slow throughout, which doesn’t help matters, but it has to be said that Chakras is a release worth sticking with despite all this – it’s like a musical journey where Spiralism dabbles in a plethora of different styles and ideas, unafraid of experimenting, and just a few of the genres that can be found are sludge, prog, psychedelia and even a bit of doom at times. It’s a blend that shouldn’t really work, but Spiralism have got the balance just right.

Admittedly Chakras is a very niche listen, and if you don’t quite ‘get’ it or don’t have the patience to fully immerse yourself into the release, it can be a struggle to connect with. However – if you love it or you hate it, you can certainly be assured that Spiralism have crafted something unique with this release, and should definitely be applauded for that.


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