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Speaking In Shadows

Speaking In Shadows are currently gearing up to release their new single Breaking Silence, so we caught up with them to find out a bit more.

What made you choose that Breaking Silence as a single?
We feel that this track is fitting of the sound that we want people to associate with us. The track says what we want to say, and how we want to say it. It’s one of our favourites from the new EP, too.

Would you say it’s representative of the EP you took the song from, The Lies We Lead?
The EP is quite diverse, but we think that Breaking Silence represents the majority of the sound and feel to the record. There’s a few different vibes to the EP, but we think Breaking Silence delivers the message that we want to deliver the most.

Can you describe your writing and recording process?
Generally one of us will turn up to rehearsal with a new idea, which we play around with as a group and build on together. When, or if, it solidifies into a track, we record it at home and fine-tune it. We then head into the studio with our productions as a reference point. We often talk of what we want our music to portray so we are all along the same wavelength there. Sadly, we don’t have any crazy techniques to get inspiration. Maybe we should head into the wilderness and meditate or something?

Keeping on the subject of your singles, your debut single Technicolour Trainwreck was featured on the Keep A Breast compilation – how did that come about?
We had to submit the track via post to a secret address in the northeast, where it was reviewed by a panel of spectacled Geordies. If the track made it through, it had to be vetted by the two guys from The Hairy Bikers. Finally, it was melted down and relayed in morse code to Kerrang…

In truth, we were working with a lovely man called James, at a company called Carry the Four. He hooked us up! We were really chuffed about being on that record.

And what are your plans for 2015?
We hope to play as many shows and new tours as possible, and hopefully make an entrance into the UK festival scene. We also want to get some shows in Europe! Finally, we are going to continue writing and recording new music.

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