Soundscape’s How To Guide For Slam Dunk 2017!

slam dunk

How to celebrate half a decade of music
It is never an easy moment to process when a band loved by many decide to call it a day, but you can be sure that We Are The Ocean are not going to leave the scene without one last wave of wild shows to go out on (including a highly anticipated performance at this year’s Slam Dunk festival). Each new album has brought about dramatic ripples in their musical development and member alterations since the early days of their popular 2010 debut Cutting Our Teeth, bringing about a sound that has ultimately defined them as an alternative pop rock group.

How to lose precious teeth in the mosh pit
Do you favour the ideological premise of rising up against a corrupt government to wash your hands of the elitist supremacy and endless system surveillance? Then we recommend you catch Stray From The Path tear down the competition with their unfaltering arsenal of politically-opinionated hardcore tracks. Stamping down on anything deemed unjust to the masses in their musical repertoire, we can give our personal guarantee that this band will breed a chaotic rally set to leave those in attendance their fair share of bruises and sore vocal chords.

How to love being wonderfully weird and wild
Nearly two and a half decades of creating nearly ten records of music, alongside their wild-eyed mascot ‘evolution kid’, have gone to show that having more material than a Nike sweatshop can expressively map the raw chemistry that this extremely talented band still carry. Reggae, ska and punk rock have been this Less Than Jake’s ethos for many years and as a group, have always aimed to share that special appreciation with every individual they played for. They also bring something unique to each of their shows which could be an incredibly amusing anecdote, spontaneously deciding to pull a lucky fan up on stage to join them or launching a toilet roll attack at the entire crowd with an air weapon specifically designed for the entourage of goofball troublemakers.

How to never forget that girls rock
This concept has been an unquestionable fact, dating back to the early era of rock and roll’s eventual gender diversity, but in any circumstance it is always empowering to find artists who define this statement. Jenna McDougall of Australia’s Tonight Alive is one such role model who many young women/fans look up to (partly because of her cool persona as a person but mostly because of her burning passion as a front woman and incredible singing voice).

How to take to the skies
Enter Shikari’s signature album showcased a glimpse into the developing evolution and catharsis of hardcore music. From when Take To The Skies was released in 2007, the catalogue of chorus-led classics exemplified how the electronic world could integrate perfectly alongside the intensity of hardcore. Featuring some of the triumphant tracks that sent the St Albans quartet spiralling into the spotlight, the attendees of Slam Dunk 2017 better be prepared for a nostalgic journey set to be a sure guarantee of sparking off one of the most ferociously out of control shows of the year.

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