So Pitted – neo Review

so pitted neoneo. Without anything to stick it to in context neo basically means nothing new. Well at least the album title is self-descriptive, but most importantly: accurate. Seattles’ So Pitted are very honest at least. Their debut is very germane and loud about it, and this is solidly conveyed on neo.

Almost voyeuristic to listen to the tracks on neo are like the diary of a Nirvana fan. There’s enough distinction to forget that Nirvana didn’t sell out and objectify the grunge look for generations to come as a form of mass identity (spoiler: they did.) While making quirky and ironic videos about not belonging in the real world.

Luckily the real world isn’t the beggars fancy on TV. It’s actually relative, and in a sense So Pitted seem to get this and sing and dance about it like a burly assertion of self-worth. Which is commendable in itself. The music sharing a slight resemblance to grunge orientated droll has an extra depth that’s reminiscent of early industrial music. Fun times.  With profane and obnoxious basslines pushing the songs along while being condescended by the higher pitched wails and screams from the guitar, it’s plausible to think that So Pitted channel angst into their sound, but you’d probably be mistaking their jovial intent for something malicious.

As an artwork neo isn’t readily accessible and can come across as obtuse and nasty. Reaching to grasp where everything is going can leave you dumbfounded, but it’s interesting and most importantly works in confluence to make a cascading arrangement of vibrancy and verity which is strangely coherent for a noise inspired album.  Punk is as a punk does, and there’s a lot of spunk on this album, or whatever it was.


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