Something’s At The Sky – From The Rain Review

something's at the sky from the rainFrom The Rain is the debut album from Finnish melodic metallers Something’s At The Sky and it’s an adventurous piece, featuring a lot of powerful instrumentation and hooks to draw you in.

Something that does immediately strike you about Something’s At The Sky is the vocals. They’re like marmite; a love or hate affair because of the general style and tone. It can certainly be described as being unique, and there’s a lot of power behind it, yet at times it’s a little too overpowering and can detract from the instrumentation, which is a shame because instrumentally, there really isn’t much that can be faulted. With breathtakingly atmospheric sections – just check out the title track that serves as an introduction to the album – and plenty of stadium-filling guitar lines, Something’s At The Sky have got that element of their sound absolutely nailed.

If you’re looking for one song to check out from this album, make sure it’s the stunning Rose In The Snow. Opening with some beautiful piano and a general softness to the instrumentation, smoothly delivered vocals atop of it works really well and the slowly builds up and up until the full band kicks in during the latter half of the song and the wall of sound hits you like a tonne of bricks – marvellous!

Overall, From The Rain is a good listen and a solid debut from the outfit – there’s a lot of potential within the nine tracks so it will be interesting to see what the band does next.


Something’s At The Sky: Website|Facebook

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