Soft Fangs – Fractures Review

Fractures is the new album from Soft Fangs, which is the project of Brooklyn-based dark pop/alt-folk artist, John Lutkevich. It’s a fairly ethereal and simplistic listen, and it has both good and bad points.

The overall vibe to the music is pretty cool – there’s an element of melancholy nestled amongst the light airiness presented throughout, and it’s an all-round easy listen. There’s nothing overly complicated about the music so it’s not difficult to connect with, and the vocals have a nice smooth quality to them that helps things flow from one song to the next very well.

However as a whole, there’s a slight dreariness to the music that can’t quite be shaken off. There’s not a lot to really grab your attention and whilst the music isn’t dreadful, there isn’t really much to get stuck in your head and although the vocals have a nice tone, they’re lacking in emotion at times. A little more complexity on occasion would go a long way.

Fractures is nice, sure, but that’s all it really is. It serves well as some background listening but if you’re looking for something of a more engaging nature, you may be better off looking elsewhere.


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