Social Repose – O2 Academy, Glasgow 03/11/17

Everyone who’s anyone knows who Pewdiepie is. The incredibly successful YouTuber who can sing Take On Me better than, than The Annoying Thing. For some the comedic swede is almost synonymous with the corporate Ad-fag. However look deeper past its revenue saint and into its darker recesses and you may come across sinful talent such as Social Repose. Who recently blah blah [drama] blah blah but is also touring latest release Empress across Europe and the US.

Accompanying Social Repose on the Euro leg of The Empress tour is the most wonderful band from that side of the Atlantic. The phenomenal One-Eyed Doll.

The mighty duo Kimberly Freeman and Jason ‘Junior’ Sewell are very experienced on the other side of the pond. And with this being their first time in old and around Old Blighty their musical prowess shows in their set. Which to summarise is like watching an episode of Blue’s Clues written by Lewis Carroll.

Leading the mania, Kimberly is both energetic but controlled. The riffs coming from her guitar dance with her vibrant stage (and off-stage) performance. The songs of OED are made 111% times better live not only with the magic of live acoustics but the inclusive and just downright rockin’ show that’s presented through an accessible horror theme by two talented individuals. It’s a must see for anyone who enjoys deep rock songs that’ll carry them through their dreams.

Social Repose is probably more well known for wearing the crow headdress which apart from being insanely cool (if not culturally inappropriate) is dreamy in its own right. Currently there’s also some shit slinging going on through Social Media between Social Repose and public opinion which is (mostly) separate from the musical performances. Sure there were a few mentions on current affairs during tonights’ show but kudos to the band the show must go on. And it did.

Given the MTV generation super 90’s bullshit that accompanies YouTube personalities the show and the music ain’t half hot Mum. With danceable tunes and reflective lyrics as an entity Social Repose is like a classier Blood On The Dancefloor. Although less provocative and (ironically) polarising. While the show was everything you could expect, and matters-outwith managed professionally, it’s perhaps tame in contrast to the YouTube bollocks that all them young uns’ are into these days.


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