Smokey Bastard – Back To The Drawing Room Review

Smokey_Bastard_Back_To_The_Drawing_Room_UXB026There was a time when blending something old with something new could start a shit storm of imitators, all adding something just a little bit different, starting an interesting movement. With Back To The Drawing Room this event happened about eighteen years ago. Trick or treat.

Their mariachi blend of punk is approached masterfully but in its technical decadence the air reels stagnant from lifeless riffing. Lifeless is probably a bit harsh but it does certainly sound limited, think how best to describe the sound of Gogol Bordello playing while his anti-established balls are set in a winding vice. The chord foundations tread over gilded splinters as they sprite over a well beaten path.

Smokey Bastard as proficient as they are (they are) sound like the sex fantasies of middle class choirboys moonlighting at a Bat Mitzvah. Although there’s nothing trashy about Back To The Drawing Room, it has the personality of clean cut veganism with soluble spray paint. It might sound impressive but it’s not fun.┬áIt has the play of corporate punks manufacturing folk. Coming between sounding too grand to fit in and too technical to be easy, Smokey Bastards’ style on Back To The Drawing Room might just be too tight and academic to be motivational.


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