Slyde – Back Again Review

Back Again slydeBack Again is the energetic new EP from Slyde, which is their first release since a two-year hiatus and it’s a powerful listen that showcases the band on top form and stronger than ever.

Although the chorus of opening track Fading sounds coincidentally similar to Jason Mraz’ song I’m Yours, it still kicks off the EP with a bang and it’s an enthusiastic start that I imagine would be a lot of fun to see live! The nice little complex guitar melody at the start draws you in and from then-on, you’re hooked as the band progresses through the track! From the confident vocals to the catchy electronic moments and ace guitar lines, the track really sells the band well and is the perfect opener for the EP as it will no-doubt appeal to new fans and long-term fans alike.

The following two tracks are tremendous too, but the definite highlight of the EP comes with the title track Back Again, which winds up the release well. Beginning with a more stripped-back and raw-sounding approach, it lays the foundations well as the band progresses into a fuller and epic sound – and the chorus is such an earworm that you’ll surely be humming along to it for days after you first hear it!

All in all, this is a great EP and one thing is for sure – I’ll definitely be coming back again for their next release!


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